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General information

Before buy online propecia, please consider the following information.


The pharmacological drug group belongs to androgens, antiandrogens. The drug affects the metabolism in the prostate gland and correctors of urodynamic.

The medicine delays or reverses the process of enlargement of the prostate by blocking the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is required by the body to produce dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is included in the mechanism of prostate enlargement, and is a part of the process that leads to male pattern baldness. Reducing the concentration of DHT in the scalp, the medicine can slow or reverse the process.


One can easily buy finasteride at online pharmacy.



If you wonder where to buy propecia, you should also know its main indications before order propecia.

The medicine is used for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, and is also used to treat male baldness.

If you consider buy propecia uk, you must know that price can be different depending on the pharmacy you choose.



If the patient has prostate cancer the drug is contradicted. Pregnant and nursing women should not contact with propecia without prescription or sperm of a man who takes the medicine.

One can buy finasteride online, but it is recommended to consult your physician first.



Before buy propecia us, you should know that the treatment with without prescription propecia requires individual dosage.

During DHT: 5 mg daily for 6-7 months. For male hair loss: 1 mg 1 time a day.

During DHT: one dose for 24 hours after the completion of standard therapy, up to 2 weeks. During alopecia: new hair, which grew as a result of treatment, after its termination may fall out again. If you miss one day and did not take finasteride without prescription, do not double the next dose. The decision to terminate the treatment takes only the physician.

At constant therapy statistically significant effect is recorded after 3 months (decrease of cancer), 4 months (increase in maximum urinary flow rate) and 7 months (reduction of general symptoms and symptoms of obstruction of the urinary tract).

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If you are looking where to buy propecia australia, you should first consider the information below.

Prior to the therapy with no prescription  finasteride from DHT one should undergo a complete examination to detect possible prostate cancer. Before buy online propecia australia, you should know that the medicine may affect the results of the determination of prostate-specific antigen (standard test for prostate cancer). Any physician including a dentist should be warned that you are taking propecia no prescription.


Before the treatment with no prescription propecia one must exclude diseases of prostatic hyperplasia: a cancer of the prostate, urethral stricture, hypotension, urinary bladder, a violation of its innervation, and infectious prostatitis.

Women of childbearing age and pregnant women should not order finasteride.

With the patients older than 60 years, there were no special problems during the treatment.

Driving a car and operating machinery

Those who want to buy online propecia canada, should know that it will not affect your ability to safely perform such work.

If you took a dose considerably higher than prescribed, call your doctor.



Before buy online propecia uk one should know its interactions.

Finasteride no prescription enhances the effect of anticoagulant and anti-diabetic agents.


Side effects

If you are looking where to buy online finasteride, you should first consider the information below.

During the treatment with the medication any serious side effects have not been noticed.

One might buy propecia canada or at the local pharmacy. The purchase cost may vary.


Some side effects still can take place: decreased sex drive, impotence, reduced number of sperm. It should be noted that the decrease sex drive does not indicate a reduced ability to fertilize.

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