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Active Ingredient: Dapoxetine

Dapoxetine is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation.

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At present time about 30% of men of our planet suffer from premature ejaculation. It would seem that the main problems of modern men is erectile dysfunction, but actually only 15% of the male population of the Earth suffer from this problem.

That is why priligy no prescription is able to break records of the popularity of world-known medication Viagra.

Patients buy priligy (dapoxetin) as selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake. Like other medications priligy was originally developed for the treatment of various illnesses, but not specially for premature ejaculation.

In the beginning scientists planned people to order priligyas a remedy for depression. However, in the course of the trials positive effects were discovered and dapoxetin no prescription was successfully applied for the treatment of premature ejaculation. The preparation has a high efficiency and safety for the body. Dapoxetin without prescription is quickly absorbed by the body and excreted within a few hours. It is its main difference from antidepressants whose removal process can take a few days.

The main active ingredient is dapoxetin which stimulates the production of serotonin in men. Thus men, who buy priligy Australia or buy priligy uk, canprolong sexual intercourse which 3 times long as the one they have had before. The duration of the intercourse depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Unlike other drugs that cope with early ejaculation, Dapoxetin begins its action almost instantly and after only 1-2 hours the effect of its use is obvious. no prescription priligy is an instant, one-time action-preparation that stimulates the normalization of hormonal balance.

When patients buy online priligy, they should start the treatment after learning the rules how to dose.

Doctors advise taking the drug a few hours before the sexual activity but only once a day. The action of the drug lasts approximately a half a day. The preparation is taken inside with enough water. The preparation can be taken during meals or patients even can take it without food.
Do not buy dapoxetin and take it if your organism is dehydrated, you haven’t drunk anything for the last six hours, or you sweated after exercises. Do not take priligy, if you have diarrhea, fever or you feel sick. When taken no prescription dapoxetinyou ought to also avoid drinking alcohol, because alcohol will only worsen side effects.
The recommended dose for a start is 30 mg at a time, and then the dosage can be 60 mg at a time.

Remember that the right dosage and the treatment can be prescribed by the specialist. Do not take Priligy more than once per day or more than it was prescribed.

PRECAUTIONS for without prescription priligy


Before you buy online dapoxetin, learn about all the precautions you should follow.

If you don’t want to do any harm to your health, buy online dapoxetin only if you have got the consultation from the specialist.

Men, who often have low blood pressure and arrhythmia with heart failure, renal disease, circulatory system, individual intolerance to the drug, are contraindicated to order dapoxetin.

If you drink lots of alcohol and at the moment are taking some drugs to treat mental disorders, antidepressants, tranquilizers, pain relievers, antibiotics, fungal infections and immunostimulators, you are not recommended to buy dapoxetin online.


Today it is possible to buy the preparation online, so you can buy priligy Canada or buy priligy us. In any case you should learn about possible side effects the preparation can cause.

Nausea — 8 percent of men having taken a low dose (60mg) and 20 percent of men who have taken a high dose of Dapoxetin;
Headache — 6 percent of men who have taken a small dose and at 7 percent of men who have taken a high dose of no prescription dapoxetin;
Diarrhea — 7 percent of men who take a high dose of dapoxetine;
Dizziness — 6 percent of men who take a high dose of without prescription dapoxetin
In the case dizziness and nausea, consult your doctor immediately.

It isn’t prescribed to buy online priligy Australia or buy online priligy uk to protect against unwanted pregnancy or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

If you experience chest pain during sexual activity, contact your doctor.

Alcohol can increase the effects of possible side effects of the drug.


You shouldn’t buy online priligy Canada or buy online priligy us if you are taking the following drugs at the moment:

— Lithium (for the treatment of bipolar disorder (Kerry catona))

— Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIS)

— Thioridazine (for the treatment of schizophrenia)
— Antibiotic linezolid
— Wort – phytotherapy

— Tryptophan pills

— Drugs used to treat migraine

— tramadol a strong painkiller
— Nefazodone — antidepressant
It isn’t advisable take priligy simultaneously with any of these drugs. In addition, you should stop taking any of them at least two weeks before you start taking dapoxetine. After you stop using dapoxetine, you can resume taking any of these drugs not less than in 7 days.


Priligy is an effective drug formale sexual dysfunction, but you can buy it online and start taking after you have got the consultation from the specialist.
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